Autorevue Supertest 2011 with first Lamborghini Aventador Crash worldwide

Autorevue Supertest 2011, Produced by Daleyelama. Directed by Christian Clerici, edited by Clemens Fischer.

See the the first Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 crash happened on August 2011 in Padua, Italy at Minute 7:00. These are exclusive and copyright protected Scenes.

To get such a car you have to spend about 312.000 euros and a lot of patience (at least 18 months of waiting). The unlucky Lamborghini Driver crashed into a truck during an overtaking manoeuvre on a rural road in the province of Padua. After the Aventador hit the truck it spun and hit a telephone pole, traffic sign and a fence before landing in a ditch. 

The Aventador driver wasn't injured in the accident, nor was the truck driver. The Car has been completely damaged.